Spanish Casinos Online

Spanish Casinos Online

Online gambling in Spain is becoming increasingly popular and many offshore operators are trying their level best to penetrate the Spanish market. The UK was the first to license online casinos, Italy followed suit and close behind was Spain to license online gaming companies. Every household is known to gamble and the Spanish are allowed to wager over the phone and online.

Casinos can obtain licenses for a five year period after which if they have met the criteria and norms laid down by licensing authorities, the licenses can be renewed for a further period of 5 years. Revenue from casinos is considerably high and contributes to the economy however Spain is looking forward to better cash flow from casinos to help uplift the economy.

The European Commission however has found Spain to be violating a few online gambling laws which are against their Trade agreements, and have asked Spain to make the necessary amendments. However, despite all speculation, Spain is a nation of gamblers and is known to wager a higher proportion of their income as compared to any other nation. Statistics prove the Spanish gamble over € 1.9 billion a year equivalent to € 480 per head, which translates to more or less 15 per cent of the average net household income.

In Spain they wager on almost anything including lotteries, football and racing pools, horses and greyhounds, while at the casinos huge amounts are wagered on bingo and slot machines. The most popular form of gambling however is the state national lottery, which supports charity. The lotteries that are announced during the Christmas season are similar to bumper lotteries and carry huge sums of money and are popularly known as the ‘fat ones’. There is a lot of preparation and hype that go into these events and both adults and children are involved in the planning and execution.

Spain is known to have around 20 casinos and the games that are commonly played are American and French Roulette, Blackjack and Slots. The casinos in Spain throng with Spaniards and tourists playing their favorite games, and while the casinos follow a strict dress code the ambience and the environment at a Spanish Casino is exclusive in its own way, and the casino personnel by and large are friendly and extremely courteous.

Whether you are proposing a Convention, Trade Show, Conference, Meeting or a Corporate Event perhaps, you will find an array of casino parties and golf tournaments in Spain to opt from.

Log on to any of the reputed Spanish online casino sites and see for yourself the exclusivity that a Spanish casino can bring to your flat screen from the comfort of your home!

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